“Once the client comes to my salon, the first thing I do is discuss my client’s reason(s) for needing a wig and what care or styling requirements might be necessary for their specific needs.

Secondly, we discuss styles, hair color, sizing, and other topics which will help to determine the best wig choice for them. If the wig is to be trimmed and styled, I will work with the client to personalize the wig to enhance their facial structure, taking into consideration their hair color preference and skin tone, etc.

Next, I educate them in the simple steps needed to properly care for their wig.

Finally, I am always available to my clients to answer any questions or concerns they may have about their wig once they leave the salon.”

– Fay Leida

You are encouraged to bring a spouse, parent, family member or friend to your wig fitting!

Are you new to wigs or our special human hair blend wigs? If you’re unclear about how to narrow down styles and pick ones that will work best for you, don’t sweat it! The Wig Lady is here to help! Whether for medical hair loss due to cancer, drug side-effects, chemotherapy, alopaecia, trichotillomania or recreational wig use, Fay works closely to make sure the process of choosing a wig comes with understanding and attention to details during the wig fitting process.

At the beginning of the wig fitting process, you may want to stick close to a style you’re familiar with. As we walk you through the wig fitting process, you may find you like or look better in a totally different style or color! That’s why bringing a spouse, family member or friend can be very beneficial, especially if this is your first wig. Certain face shapes are flattered by certain styles. The Wig Lady works with you to help guide you to your best look.

We also keep in mind the cap size while we work with you. Average size wig caps tend to fit about 95% of customers, but it is not always a one size fits all process. You will find that quite a few human hair blend wigs also come in petite, petite average and large sizes. Please note that not all wigs are available in all cap sizes.

Different cap constructions each have a different method of attaching hair to the cap, and each has its own set of advantages. Click each cap title to learn more.


A traditional cap features a fine net material in the top area with an open cap in the back. Weftings attached to stretch elastic lace make the open back creating better ventilation to keep the head cooler. The stretch lace along with adjustable tabs at the nape to adjust circumference allow for a more secure fit. A flexible wire in the ear tab allows the front side to be contoured to the shape of the face for a natural look. A traditional cap or a wig utilizing components of this type of cap construction is often referred to as a “machine-made” cap.


Capless wigs are commonly referred to as an “open cap” wig due to the lack of the fine net material used in the top as on traditional caps. The entire cap is produced with weftings attached to thin stretch elastic lace making the wig better ventilated throughout and more comfortable as a result. Adjustable tabs at the nape and contoured ear tabs are characteristic of this cap as well.


A lace front wig has a hairline made of a fine lace mesh in which each hair is individually hand knotted. The lace varies in width from 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches. The lace typically extends across the entire front hairline but on occasion may extend from ear to ear. The benefit of a lace front wig is an amazingly realistic hairline that appears as if the hair is growing directly out of the scalp and allows the fiber in front to be styled off the face in any direction. The neutral color of the lace mesh takes on the skin tone of the wearer making the hairline more natural looking and virtually invisible. A lace front can be utilized on wigs of any type of cap construction.


Monofilament (Mono) is an extremely sheer mesh used to make a transparent base that creates a realistic looking scalp area and is then hand knotted with individual fibers to simulate the appearance of natural hair growth. A Monofilament Crown (Mono Crown) cap contains a Mono area in the top area of a machine-made cap. This allows for the fiber in this area to have a more natural and realistic appearance and if often used on shorter wig styles in the crown or in the center area of a style that is flatter and with less volume in the top.


Monofilament (Mono) is an extremely sheer mesh used to make a transparent base that creates a realistic looking scalp area and is then hand knotted with individual fibers to simulate the appearance of natural hair growth. A Monofilament Part (Mono Part) cap contains a wide Mono Part area on a machine-made cap and allows the wearer to style a conventional part or a more fashionable zigzag part for the most realistic appearance.


A Monofilament Top (Mono Top) is produced with an extremely sheer mesh used to make a transparent base that creates a realistic looking scalp area and then is hand knotted with individual fibers to simulate the appearance of natural hair growth. The fiber in the Mono area also allows for multi directional styling and parting the hair on the left, right or center creating amazing styling versatility and resulting in an extremely natural looking appearance. A Mono Top feels smoother against the scalp than a Traditional or Open Cap and more comfortable as a result. Often a Mono Top will have a polyurethane strip in the front of the mono area to help create a more secure fit.


Mono Top with Lace front wigs are produced the same as a Mono Top wig but utilizing a Lace Front as well to create the most natural front hairline in conjuncture with the realistic characteristics of a Mono Top. This allows for amazing off the face styling versatility as well as the flexibility to part hair on the left or right or in the center to achieve multiple styling variations. These wigs offer the most natural and realistic appearance due to the combination of the Mono and Lace Front.


A Hand Knotted wig is also referred to as a Hand-Tied wig. Hand-Tied wigs are made with a soft stretch lace base and 100% of the fiber is individually hand knotted onto the lace base. This type of cap is lightweight and exceptionally comfortable as the lace feels soft against the head. Hand-Tied wigs are produced with a Mono Top making them extremely natural looking as well and making this type of wig the most luxurious available.

Most styles have a range of colors to choose from, so picking your final color is usually good to decide towards the end of the wig fitting process. As you zero in on styles you like, you can begin to choose from the colors available for that style. If you are new to wearing wigs, consider staying close to your natural shade to ease the transition.

Great hair deserves great care! Once you have your beautiful wig, you want to do all you can to keep it looking fantastic. The Wig Lady offers one free wig cleaning after our fitting with you, but we also encourage you to clean and maintain your wig just like hair, minus heat applied styling.